Chickencoop Finance — 2nd Generation Yield Farming on heco smart chain

If you are familiar with BSC yield farming, you must have heard of the famous food farm like Sushi,Pancake, or even the rug pulled Faked swap. All these platforms launched without a proper system like burning mechanism and timelock, and hope people will jump into the pool. We are taking this to the next level. We are now proposing a 2nd Generation yield farming mechanism that allows perpetual price increase with a sustainable and profitable farming yield with a timelock contract at launch!

The problems we are trying to solve:

  • Large fund enters and exits creating a significant fluctuation.
  • Constant token creation with stable coins without any contribution
  • Insufficient token burn
  • Rugpull


  • All farms take a 4% burn when you stake.
  • 3% will be used to purchase Golden Egg Token and sent into the lottery pool.
  • 1% will be used to further develop this platform with other sites
  • Promote long term staking


  • As 3% of the burn will inject into the lottery, the lottery pot will be so huge that you can retire after winning the first prize.
  • 20% of the pot will be burnt to reduce the token circulation further.


  • The 3% burn will be used to purchase Golden Egg from the various liquidity pools.
  • For example: If people staked BUSD-BNB LP, 3% of the LP tokens would be used to buy Golden Egg from various Golden Egg pools.


  • Removed migrator code (Inherited from Pancake swap)
  • Timelock already applied at launch! (12 hours in 1 week)

We are trying to use our knowledge from the gaming industry to build this perpetual yield farming site! This is just our first step, we will be continuously looking for better burning mechanism to make this project great! BRRRRRRRRRRR!!



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ChickenCoop Finance, 2nd generation yield farming on heco smart chain .